Friction 3 Ultimate Frisbee Gloves Pair

Friction Gloves
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Friction 3 Ultimate Frisbee Gloves Pair

We've created our best glove yet in the Friction 3. The Friction 3 is full of great features including grip on the throwing fingers, reinforced material & double stitching on the upper palm, and added 4 way stretch at the crease of the thumb. 

  • Added grip on the throwing fingers gives you more touch with the disc when throwing.

  • Reinforced upper palms and double stitching greatly improves the durability of Frictions. The reinforced upper palms ease the sting of zippy throws in cold weather and protects against the harshness of layouts. 

  • Redesigned thumb allows for much more mobility in the hand and eliminates 'webbing' when hand is fully open to receive a pass.


The Friction 3 allows you to have more control of the disc when throwing and more hand mobility when catching. These gloves will improve your ultimate game. 

Please be aware to the risk of black marks on some disc plastics when you press the disc hard between your fingers.


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