Disc properties

Here is information about disc properties. Each disc model has its own disc property and flies in different ways. Depending on how you are as a pitcher and the place you are throwing from, you will very likely need different discs in the bag with different disc properties.


Speed is the first number indicated on the property numbers. The higher the number, the higher the speed. A common mistake among beginners is to buy discs with higher speed to get more distance. However, it is more difficult to get discs with higher speeds to get up to the right speed. Each manufacturer has its own rating system and therefore it can be difficult to compare the numbers between the manufacturers.

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Glide is the second number indicated on the disc properties. Glide means how much lifting force a disc has. The glide is affected by, among other things, the weight of the disc and wind resistance.


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Turn is the 3rd property number. There are three different types of discs in this category, overstable, stable and unstable. Overstables have a tendency to pull to the left when thrown with backhand throws while unstables pull to the right. Turn is mainly affected by speed and crosswind.

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Fade is the 4th digit in disc properties. Fade indicates how much the disc bends at the end of the throw. A higher number gives way more at the end while one with a low goes straighter. An advantage of high fade can be to get behind obstacles.  

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