Nomad Eclipse R2 Neutron - James Conrad the Wolfman Halloween 2023

Putt & Approach
Speed: 2.0 | Glide: 4.0 | Turn: 0.0 | Fade: 1.0
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Färg: Svart
Vikt: 172-174
Sale price249 kr


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  • Premium look and feel of MVP Neutron
  • Recycled gray through black swirls
  • Same great durability as MVP Neutron
  • Eco-conscious recycled materials

MVP Disc Sports is ready to proudly introduce its recycled plastic line – R2 Neutron! R2 Neutron is MVP’s first step towards making disc golf a more reusable and environmentally sustainable sport, and we couldn’t be prouder of it! Replicating the look and feel of classic Neutron, R2 Neutron – as a combination of many colors of Neutron plastic – will only be available in black cores with white rims (to differentiate from the classic MVP lineup). R2 Neutron discs will fly the same as their Neutron counterparts, but with the benefit of being more eco-friendly. Do your part for the environment, and give R2 Neutron discs a try

Putt & Approach är för ditt korta spel.

Den typiska karaktären av en putter är att den har rund/trubbig(kant) och discen är djup för bra flygbarhet.

  • Längd 0-40m

Speed: 2.0
Glide: 4.0
Turn: 0.0
Fade: 1.0

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