Crave Neutron Cosmic

Fairway Driver
Speed: 6.5 | Glide: | Turn: -1.0 | Fade: 1.0
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Color: Yellow Orange Pink, Red Rim
Weight: 168
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Crave Neutron Cosmic

The Crave is a straight-stable fairway driver.

The Crave provides controllable straight flights with a great feel and loads of dual-color style. Relative to MVP drivers, the Crave is like a seasoned Servo. The popular "worn workhorse-stable" vibe is achieved with subtle wing contours that also feel great in the hand. The stability, range of weights, and easy throw make the Crave a GYRO® rig staple.

Gyro Flight Chart

The defining characteristic of the Crave is its straight flight and long forward fade.

The Crave responds to power for a bit extra distance and gentle turn at high speed. Its total line is one of the most “locked-on” of the GYRO® enhanced drivers.

During its finishing stage of flight the Crave exhibits a particularly forward drop. It is best suited to long straight neutral-stable shots.


Class 16.5mm Fairway Drivers

Weights 158g - 175g

Diameter 21.1cm

Rim Width 16.5mm

PDGA Max Weight 175.1g

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