TL DX Glow

Fairway Driver
Speed: 7.0 | Glide: | Turn: -1.0 | Fade: 1.0
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Färg: Glow
Vikt: 175
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TL DX Glow

The TL is the brother of the reliable Teebird. The “L” stands for “Less Overstable” and “Longer”. This disc has the same great speed and glide as the Teebird, but is straighter flying with less fade at the end of the flight. If you are looking for a straight flying maximum fairway driver, the TL is the answer.

Gregg Hosfeld
"Bar none, the greatest disc golf driver I've ever owned. Indestructo plastic, a wonderfully versatile neutral flight that satisfies my need for a fairway driver or a sidearm control shot. The CE TL consistently finds the putting circle. Simply put... THE TL NEVER LETS ME DOWN!"

Diameter: 1.8
Rim Width: 21.1 cm
Available Plastics:
Star: 160-175g
Champion: 165-175g
Best Choice for: Turnover shots, First driver, Touch shots
Date of Approval: 03/08/07

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