BIRDIE! Expansion Pack 1 (Jarva and Eureka)

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Expansion Pack 1 (Jarva and Eureka)

BIRDIE! Disc Golf Board Game: Courses Expansion Pack 1 (Jarva and Eureka)

You've got Maple Hill in the base game. Want to play the world's top rated course, Jarva? How about the course that is home to the richest disc golf purse, Eureka? How about three courses in one day? Who's in? 

These two new courses add so much diversity to the game. it's like putting on a new suit coat and going to the dance club one town over. It still looks great and plays great but its new and different - the best of all worlds! 

According to UDisc, there is one course rated higher than Maple Hill. That course is Jarva. We were really happy to be able to work with Jussi and Mats and the Jarva crew to get the stats and greens dialed in so the game plays correct to the real feel of the championship Jarva course.

Where Jarva adds a touch of classical challenge, Ledgestone's Eureka adds more strategy and decision making than we could have ever imagined. It also makes different players more powerful and different abilities and cards much more useful. It actually gives it the feel of the real pro tour in that, if you play with the same character across each of the courses, you will be faced with significantly different challenges. There is tons of OB. You've got to do some serious strategery to get through unscathed.

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