Polecat Halo Star

Putt & Approach
Speed: 2.0 | Glide: 3.0 | Turn: 0.0 | Fade: 0.0
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Färg: Blå
Vikt: 173-175
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Polecat Halo Star

The long-anticipated Halo Polecat is back! This is the same great Halo Polecat but with the flight numbers included in the artwork. Get the disc everyone is talking about. Slow, straight, and tons of glide, this disc is a blast on or off the course. 

Nate Sexton
The Polecat is a straight flying putt and approach disc perfect for people who come from a background in Ultimate, Freestyle, or even a backyard game of catch.

Diameter: 21.3 cm
Rim Width: 0.7 cm
Best Choice for: Straight Approaches, Distance Putter, Placement Shots
Date of Approval: 01/05/94

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