PDX Swirl Special Blend S-line


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Färg Vikt Antal

PDX Swirl Special Blend S-line Discmania

The PDx is like a PD, but with a little X-tra.

The PDx was for a long while reserved for fundraiser use only, but is nowadays available as a stock release too. Compared to the PD, it is faster, more overstable and has more fade too, so you can really count on it in any wind, backhand or forehand. In all of these flight rating categories it is more modest than its big brother, the PD2, so it is not as power-hungry as the PD2.

Are you looking for something X-tra for your drives? Grab the Pdx!

Good for: Long hyzer drives, S-curves, backhand or forehand, for advanced and pro players.



Diameter:21.1 cm

Max Weight:175.1 g

Height:1.9 cm

Wing Width:2.1 cm

Rim Depth:1.2 cm

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