PD G-Line

PD G-Line


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Färg Vikt Antal


The Discmania PD (Power Driver) is a fast and stable driver that handles wind well. The PD has a good glide and is useful for sidearm throws, stable power shots, and long flex shots for experienced players. This disc offers longer and straighter shots with a reliable low speed fade. Everybody knows about the PD, it's In 2x World Champion Paul McBeth's bag and it's there to stay! 

The G-LINE PD flight is truly amazing. With added glide and always dependable finish, this PD fits right in to most players bag immediately with no break in time. 

Now that the PD is paired with the new G-LINE plastic, it's sure to be a pleaser!

The G-LINE plastic is a very grippy and gummy. It has much higher flexibility and beautiful pearl type appearance which makes each and every disc unique.