MD5 S-Line Not-So-Swirly (Originals)

MD5 S-Line Not-So-Swirly (Originals)

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MD5 S-Line Not-So-Swirly

The MD5 is an overstable midrange driver with a flight designed to give the trustworthy stable fade that players are looking for. Great for reliable fairway approaches, huge hyzer lines, and dependable flicks, the Swirly S-Line MD5 is made to handle power. This run of S-Line MD5 maintains a similar flight pattern to other MD5’s but has a touch more stability. You’ll notice this run of MD5 start to fade a little sooner and faster when compared to other runs of MD5 by Fall 2019. This disc features a flat top and a beaded low profile that allows it to consistently release smoothly from the hand.

Swirl disclaimer: there are not much swirls on this run of discs. Despite this, the name Swirl has been stamped on them.

Find your new favorite overstable midrange driver and pick up a Swirly S-Line MD5!

1040 rated pro tip: These are the most overstable MD5 made yet. And pretty darn flat, too!

Approved      2018
Diameter       21.1 cm

Max Weight  175.1 g
Height           1.9 cm
Wing Width   1.4 cm
Rim Depth     1.3 cm