MD1 C-line Metal Flake Mind Bender - Simon Lizotte Signature Series

Speed: 5.0 | Glide: 6.0 | Turn: 0.0 | Fade: 0.0
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Färg: Grön
Vikt: 173-174
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MD1 C-line Metal Flake Mind Bender - Simon Lizotte Signature Series


Bend your way from tee to basket with the Simon Lizotte Signature Series Mind Bender MD1!

The Mind Bender flies laser-straight and holds whatever angle you put it on. You can shape any line and trust the Mind Bender to hold it and arrive at the destination with its magnificent glide.

It was love at first flight, when Simon Lizotte got his hands on the MD1. He immediately decided that he would want the MD1 to be his Signature Series disc and thus, the Mind Bender was born. Flight-wise the Mind Bender tends to be even a bit more neutral than the reinvented MD1's, providing a straighter finish and some turn in high speeds.

With Mind Bender in his hand, no fairway is too challenging for Simon. He loves throwing the Mind Bender on a wide variety of different kinds of shots, especially on long straight midrange throws.

The Mind Bender features a flat profile that feels comfortable and grippy in the beautiful Metal Flake C-line plastic. Leapfrog your midrange game to perfection with the Mind Bender!

By purchasing this Signature Series release, you directly support Simon Lizotte on tour!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
En rakare MD3

Fick känna på en MD1a när jag först fick den i min mysterybox. Nu är det min go-to raka midrange. Går längre och rakare än mina MD3or och passar perfekt i handen.


Riktigt bra disc för raka kast

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