Maverick Fuzion-X - Zach Melton Team Series V2 2021

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Maverick Fuzion-X - Zach Melton Team Series V2 2021

The second versions of Dynamic Discs team series discs are here! Fuzion-X is a premium blend of plastics and provides a stiffer feel, increased durability, and more overstable flights compared to regular Fuzion plastic. Each purchase helps to support Zach Melton, Eric Oakley, Eric McCabe, and Chris Clemons on their touring.

The Maverick can fit in nearly every player's bag. The Maverick's smaller rim offers controllable fairway speed and straighter flights for slower arms with trustworthy anhyzers and slow turns for experienced players. The Maverick shines in the woods with low ceilings and tunnel shots. Versatility and workable speed allow the Maverick to steal throws from even the most established bags.

Speed: 7
Glide: 4
Turn: -1.5
Fade: 2

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