Judge Lucid-X Chameleon

Judge Lucid-X Chameleon

Dynamic Discs

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Färg Vikt Antal

Dynamic Discs Lucid-X Chameleon Judge

What do you get when you cross an extremely popular plastic with our most popular disc? The Lucid-X Chameleon Judges are here, and they must be seen to be believed. Color shift and firm feel make these a must-try for those that love throwing putters. Pick up a couple of these, and watch as your approaches blend in with the bottom of the basket!  

Lucid-X: A slightly stiffer plastic that results in more overstable flights.
Chameleon effect: The disc will change color depending on the angle of light and background.

Speed: 2
Glide: 4
Turn: 0
Fade: 1

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