DD Swirly S-Line Limited Edition

DD Swirly S-Line Limited Edition


  • 199 kr

DD Swirly S-Line Limited Edition Discmania

A limited specialty run of the Discmania DD in Swirly S-line material in the house! These things BOMB!

In terms of flight characteristics, this Swirly run of the DD has been described to resemble the legendary 2nd Run S-line DD. They all the right attributes for going big distance, but keeping the lines accurate, especially for players who can reach distances over 300 feet. If you have the arm to put the amazing glide these discs have to use, you'll find yourself opting for these time after time!

This is the first ever specialty run produced of the DD in Swirly S-line material. They come in a nice mix of colors and have a good dome to them, allowing the discs to glide for ages. This run was produced in Fall 2018 (Late 2018 Run).

The DD was Discmania's first distance driver. It is one of the hidden gems of the lineup and suits many players as their workhorse distance driver. The DD is fast but very accurate and predictable for its speed due to the stability it offers.

The Swirly S-line plastic is durable & grippy and therefore the favorite of many, especially for drivers. Each disc has a more or less multicolor (swirly) look to them. 

If you are still looking for your go-to driver, take a look outside the bestsellers too. The DD can surprise many players after all these years.

Good for: Long drives, hyzer shots, flicks, for advanced and pro players.

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