BIRDIE! Base Game First Run

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BIRDIE! Base Game First Run

Paul McBeth "45" at Maple Hill limited edition.

A disc golf board game from Boda Brothers.

Simon Lizotte: "It's one of the best games I've ever played."

Paul McBeth: "When Steve got out of the pro tour, everyone wondered, 'what's next for Steve' ... and BIRDIE! is his next project. The guys from Foundation, Hannah and I played and it was a lot of fun. It gave an on course feel while sitting in our kitchen."

As one of the players to step on to the Maple Hill Golds, you have the talent it takes. Improve your skills, get more karma, or a combination of both, and prepare for one of the most challenging disc golf courses on the planet.

On each throw, you decide your level of risk vs reward, what skills to enhance, react to karma that comes your way and throw your shot.
Base Game

  •     3 Game Boards (2 sided, 3 holes per side)
  •     6 Marker Discs
  •     10 Player Cards
  •     21 Distance Chips
  •     89 Karma Cards
  •     117 Skill Chips
  •     Dice (Three 20-sided, Six 6-sided, 4 10-sided)
  •     Score Cards
  •     Instruction Booklet
  •     10 Advanced Player Cards
  •     89 Advanced Karma Cards
  •     18 Go For It/Safe Shot Chips

First Run BIRDIE! Instructions PDF

part 1: score Card prep

Before we start the game, we need to setup the scorecard. This video presumes no knowledge of the game and uses the Quick Start attributes to fill in the score card.

Part 2: Basic movement

We go over the basic ideas of rolling and moving as well as a couple of other fun and interesting points about the game. A great primer for the game.

Part 3: player abilities

In this video, we play a hole utilizing three Players' Abilities. Paying attention to what your player can do well will lower your score and should adjust your strategy.

Part 4: skill chips

In this video, we combine Skill Chips with Player Abilities. Use your Skill Chips wisely, they are a very limited resource.

Part 5a: Karma Card intro

We review the parts of the Karma Cards as well as review the various types of cards that are in the Base and Advanced decks.

part 5B: Karma card play

We play three players with Karma Cards, Skill Chips, and Player Abilities. Karma Cards in action.

Part 6: Go for it / safe shot chips

In this video, we review the ways to utilize the Go For It and Safe Shot chips. They are often the little difference that is needed to push you to victory (or secure your decent drive so others cannot catch you).

Part 7: Warm up zone

The Warm Up Zone is a critical part of the game once you understand the importance of Distance, Karma, Skill Chips and Player Abilities. We recommend playing the game once thru with the basic rules and then using the Warm Up Zone to juice up the strategy and fun.

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