Swan 2 Bt Medium Burst

Putt & Approach
Speed: 3.0 | Glide: 3.0 | Turn: -1.0 | Fade: 0.0
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Färg: Grön Vit
Vikt: 173
Sale price139 kr


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The second in Westside's BT line, the Medium, is for all conditions. It has a tacky grip, great durability, and feels fantastic in your hand. In the cold it will still have some give; in the heat it will still hold its shape. Designed for the users comfort, BT Medium is just what you need to enjoy your next game. Westside offers BT in their putters and midranges as those two aspects of the game are all about feel. Feel their BT Medium today and you will fall in love.

Putt & Approach är för ditt korta spel.

Den typiska karaktären av en putter är att den har rund/trubbig(kant) och discen är djup för bra flygbarhet.

  • Längd 0-40m

Speed: 3.0
Glide: 3.0
Turn: -1.0
Fade: 0.0

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