Omen Nebula Ethereal

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Omen Nebula Ethereal

Fear no headwind! 

The Omen is our reliable headwind fighter. Dependable stability in even the windiest conditions players can reach for the Omen time and time again knowing that its strong Hyzer finish will get them to the basket. 

Behind the "Zombie Soup" design:

"Zombie Soup" was stitched together with inspiration from early Romero films, tattoo culture, and a tiny brain-sized morsel of Ed Roth. Stir it all together in any local witch's cauldron, and you get a concept that looks so terrifyingly good it is bound to raise your lousy round from the dead as this disc feasts on CHAINNNNSSSSsss. 

Flight numbers

9 | 4 | 0 | 4

Stamp foils will vary.

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