FD2 C-Line (Originals)

Fairway Driver
Speed: 7.0 | Glide: 4.0 | Turn: 0.0 | Fade: 3.0
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Color: RED
Weight: 171
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FD2 C-Line

Do you sometimes wish you could just place the disc where you want it? The FD2 takes you very close to that experience.

The FD2 has the flight characteristics of a stable fairway driver, packed into the ergonomic format of a speed 7 rim. We also dialed down the glide a little so as not to fly past your target. The FD2 has plenty of stability and the fade can be adjusted with arm speed. The harder you throw, the longer it will stay straight before the fade kicks in. A lower launch speed gets you more tightly around near corners.

Superfast overstable drivers are not always the best tool for the job at hand. With the FD2 you also get a healthy dose of control while you're at it. Try one out and take control of your fairway drives!

Good for: Hyzer drives, S-curves, flicks, for beginners, advanced and pro players alike.

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