City: Falun
Favorite Disc: Latitude64 Jade Gold line
Home track: Åsbo track
Team affiliations: Team Discexpress, Team Disckulla.
Strengths: Good pressure in the putts
Weaknesses: Can vary in accuracy
Instagram: madeleine_discgolf
PDGA No: #109120

Some quick ones with Madde

What year did you start throwing?


Who is your favorite Pro player:

Eagle McMahon

Who will be the 2020 Discgolf World Champions (female and male)?

Paige Pierce, Paul McBeth

Which course outside of Sweden would you most like to play?

Road trip and test the tracks in the USA

Your fondest memory from Disc Golf?

Amateur nominations at Järva 2018 were magical

Ale, Järva or Terminalen... But which other course in Sweden is not to be missed?

Åsbo of course :-)

Finally, what are you most looking forward to with your Disc golfing in 2020?

Looking forward to everything that will happen. I want to develop my playing, get a better control. Me and a friend are going to hold a girl competition, it's going to be awesome. To get out and compete more and spread and grow the sport.