City: Stenungsund
Favorite Disc: Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Judge or Innova Star Destroyer.
Home course: Stenungsund's disc golf course.
Team affiliations: Team Discexpress, Team Sellén.
Strengths: Throws relatively far and has good touch with putters on approach.
Weaknesses: Keeping my spirits up during really bad rounds is probably my biggest weakness.
Instagram : Hampus Sellén
PDGA No: #85725

Some quick ones with Hampus

What year did you start throwing?

I played my first round ever in 2012 when I was about to turn 13 but I have been competing since 2016.

Who is your favorite Pro player:

My favorite player in mpo is probably Philo Brathwaite or Nate Sexton and in fpo it's Paige Pierce.

Who will be the 2020 Discgolf World Champions (female and male)?

In mpo I think it will be between James Conrad or Kevin Jones and in fpo I think Paige Pierce will take it home.

Which course outside of Sweden would you most like to play?

I'd rather play Krokhol or Konopiste.

Your fondest memory from Disc Golf?

My fondest memory from disc golf is probably when I won a silver in the pairs championship with my little brother in 2017.

Ale, Järva or Terminalen... But which other course in Sweden is not to be missed?

There are many courses that are really nice, but one of my favorites is actually Alviken, where the SM 2019 was played.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to with your Disc golfing in 2020?

I look forward to meeting new players, trying new courses and playing as much as possible.